A long river and village ramble

Queen Charlton

The latest and longest walk to be added to this collection, despite starting and finishing in Brislington, is more of a country walk than an urban walk. It should be treated as such, with good walking footwear being an essential requirement.

The ten-mile Walk Forty-One: Eastwood Farm and Stockwood Vale connects a series of pockets of interest and natural beauty in the challenging area between Brislington and Keynsham. The highlights of this major hike include the lovely riverside nature reserve of Eastwood Farm; a quiet corner of the Avon valley near Keynsham; the peaceful, little-known valley at Stockwood Vale; the picturesque country village of Queen Charlton; and, for the return trek into Brislington, the pleasant green corridor of the Whitchurch Railway Path and Brislington Brook.

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