Wildlife corridors of southeast Bristol

The rural section of the railway path

Bristol’s most south-easterly suburb of Stockwood and the adjoining village of Whitchurch are not well-known to most Bristolians. However, the two communities – along with neighbouring Brislington – are connected by a series of lovely, quiet green corridors and spaces.

Walk Forty: Whitchurch and Stockwood makes a broad loop around the area, taking in two major green assets: the Whitchurch Railway Path and Stockwood Open Space. For the price of a couple of slightly less interesting suburban sections, it makes for a lovely five-mile circuit around a little-visited part of Greater Bristol.

2 thoughts on “Wildlife corridors of southeast Bristol

  1. Mike, Will walk 39 appear subsequently please ?

    Do keep up the good work – enjoying your walks enormously ! Ian & Jill, Bath.


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