Waterways of southeast Bristol

Crew’s Hole and Trooper’s Hill

As we were searching for things to do in that funny period of time between the end of school and Christmas itself, December threw up another one of its rare golden sunny days.

Walk Eighteen: Brislington and St. Anne’s has been delayed for some time for the simple reason that we didn’t get round to doing it in the spring, when the wild garlic flowers in St. Anne’s Wood and the walk is at its best. This route searches for historic interest in the surviving fragments of Brislington Village before following Brislington Brook through the secluded Nightingale Valley and St. Anne’s Wood, eventually ending up on a peaceful section of the River Avon opposite Crew’s Hole. It then returns to Brislington via a quite long but fairly interesting on-road route, passing some historic pubs along the way.

Despite its on-road component, this walk is well worth doing to discover that there is a lot more to Brislington and St. Anne’s than terraced housing. Be warned, though – given the time of year, we got our shoes a bit muddy on this one!

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