Green spaces of Bristol’s northwestern suburb

The higher footpath at King’s Weston Estate

Shirehampton is a north Bristol oddity, a suburb that is part of the city but also feels like a self-contained village. In part this is because it is surrounded by a number of unique and interesting green spaces that separate it from much of the rest of the urban area.

Walk Thirty-Two: Shirehampton and King’s Weston House is a demanding but rewarding circuit that explores many of these green spaces while also visiting the historic village centre. We photographed the circuit on a sparkling New Year’s Eve, when there had been a heavy frost the night before.

This is quite a long circuit and can be muddy in places during the winter. I’m aware that the last three walks I have added have been uploaded without distance information: I hope to add this within the next few days, just as soon as I can measure it.

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