An industrial adventure

Take the footpath off Lawrence Weston Road

After being pretty confined for most of this year so far, it was a real treat to get out on a sunny afternoon to photograph a new walk!

It may seem like a strange idea for a walk, but I think this route is a bit of a treat, too. Walk Thirty-Four: Hallen and Avonmouth North reveals the history and wildlife that can be found among the modern warehouses of an industrial area of Avonmouth, a landscape strongly defined by its network of drainage rhines. It’s a very interesting circuit if you’re interested in the collision of manmade and rural landscapes, albeit one that’s probably best saved for a sunny day.

It turned out to be a great time of year to do the walk, with blackthorn blossom and other spring flowers very much in evidence, and plenty of activity among the bird life too.

Next time: A return to the lovely Frome Valley.

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