Future additions

The River Frome at Hambrook

Greetings, dear readers! As we round out what will probably be the coldest week of this winter, the time has come to look ahead to the spring.

Having exhausted most of my original planned walks, I have entered a new phase of searching the Bristol urban area for new routes that I can add to my collection. Here are some of the walks that I hope to start adding once bright days return and lockdown restrictions are eased:

  • Walk 7: The New Cut and Southville
    The only one of my original planned walks that I have not managed to complete, the publication of this walk has been much delayed by the collapse of the Chocolate Path next to Cumberland Road. Repairs are likely to be underway for many months still to come. For completeness’ sake, I may look to publish this one with the addition of a diversion route via the City Docks.

  • Walk 33: Ham Green and Pill
    This fairly short walk will explore one of Bristol’s nearest neighbouring communities, lying on the west bank of the River Avon just opposite Shirehampton. It will explore the green spaces of Ham Green, the historic harbour and the older streets of Pill village.

  • Walk 34: Hallen and Avonmouth North
    This most unusual circuit will explore an industrial area on the edge of Avonmouth, tracing the old country roads that date back to when the area was still farmland, which still thread their way between the modern warehouses. A walk that is surprisingly rich in wildlife.

  • Walk 35: Hambrook and Winterbourne Down
    A new walk which I discovered on Boxing Day (pictured). If you have completed Walk Twenty: Stapleton and the Frome Valley a few times and loved it, then this circuit will be the perfect partner for it. Heading a little further upstream, the route will explore another part of the picturesque Frome Valley, the villages that adjoin it and some of the surrounding countryside.

  • Walk 36: Lawrence Weston
    North Bristol’s outermost council estate contains a surprising number of wild spaces and hidden historic features. This circuit will uncover the best of it.

In the meantime, I have been attempting to provide some interest during lockdown by sharing photos and comments on my Facebook page. Please do take a look if you haven’t already.

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