Park, Down, Vale and Farm

Narroways Hill

It’s time to return to the leafy quiet of Ashley Vale with Walk Thirteen: St. Andrew’s and Ashley Down.

This uplifting walk contrasts leafy streets with wild and semi-cultivated spaces. The circuit connects the bustling high street of Gloucester Road and the tree-lined quiet of St. Andrew’s Park with the secluded inner-city delights of St. Werburgh’s City Farm. On the way, the walk ventures up onto Ashley Down, where Ashley Down Green offers great views out over east Bristol. The circuit also features the tucked-away natural spaces of Narroways Hill and finishes by visiting some of the hillside terraces of Montpelier.

Next time: Updates to this site are going to become a bit more occasional as we head into the autumn. The next walk to be added remains to be seen, but it may be time to head south to discover one of Bristol’s less well-known waterways…

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