Old and new in east central Bristol

Better late than never, it’s time for Walk Three: The Eastern Arc.

A walk around Redcliffe, Temple Meads, St. Philip’s and Old Market may not sound like such an appealing prospect but, for anybody who enjoys really urban walks, there is quite a lot to be discovered in this area.

Perhaps more than any other part of Bristol – with the possible exception of Lawrence Hill – this is the area where the combination of wartime bombing and post-war road planning has left the biggest scars. The barrier created by Bond Street South and Temple Way has also long prevented many Bristolians from straying into this area. However, the fundamentally prime city centre location has, over the last few years, created a very engaging mix of historic survivors and interesting modern buildings.

This walk is the also the only route in this collection to pay detailed attention to the wonderful church of St. Mary Redcliffe and the shopping area around Broadmead and Cabot Circus.

Broadmead and Cabot Circus are pretty busy places; in these days of COVID-19, if in doubt, take a mask.

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