Catching up with South Bristol

As our private outdoor spaces begin to reopen, it’s finally time to release Walk Eight: Bedminster, Totterdown and Arno’s Vale.

I had originally planned to launch the site with this walk, but when Arno’s Vale Cemetery made the understandable decision to close due to COVID-19, I had to put it on hold. The Cemetery is now accepting general visitors again, but only for limited times during the week, so please check before you travel.

Walk Eight has also been slightly overtaken by events, in that walks Nine and Ten – both much more recent additions to this project – have pre-empted some of its highlights. However, as a south Bristol primer, Walk Eight still has value.

An early version of this route was one of my first ‘discovery walks’ when I moved to south Bristol in 2007, taking a flat close to Bedminster Bridge Roundabout (I have since moved again), and the route has not changed that much since then. This was how I first discovered the delights of Victoria Park, Perrett Park and Arno’s Vale Cemetery, all of which feature on this route. It was also a good way to learn more about the colourful neighbourhoods of Bedminster, Windmill Hill and Totterdown.

Enjoy the walk, and let me know how you get on.

Next time: Some north Bristol nooks and crannies and an overdue visit to the Downs.

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