The first six walks

I’m very pleased to be able to launch this site with six walks already completed (for the full planned list, see the Walks page). Here they are:

Walk One: Introduction to Bristol
Okay, if you’re reading this site then you probably know the basics already, but it had to start here. This walk introduces you to the main historic areas of Bristol City Centre.

Walk Two: The City Docks
Another walk that it seemed essential to have available from launch, as water is such a vital part of Bristol’s DNA. Explore the full circuit of the Floating Harbour from the Centre Promenade to the Cumberland Basin to Temple Meads.

Walk Ten: Upper Knowle and Kensington Park
The first of my ‘inner suburbs’ walk to be featured is typical of this category, combining pleasant residential streets with a number of notable green spaces; also featuring a few cracking views.

Walk Eleven: Easton and Eastville
This walk delves into an inner city heartland that many Bristolians avoid. They don’t really know what they’re missing!

Walk Fifteen: Bishopston and Westbury Park
Okay, I was never planning to feature this walk right from launch, as it is one of the most ‘residential’ walks in mycollection and some walkers may find it a little dull. However, when the opportunity came to walk it in relation to another essential journey, I couldn’t refuse. It have to represent north Bristol for now until I can get a few more walks done.

Walk Twenty: Stapleton and the Frome Valley
The first – and only, for now – of my ‘outlying’ walks to be featured, this highly scenic walk is also probably my personal favourite in the collection. Two historic villages, multiple green spaces and the beautiful, quasi-rural Frome Valley. What more could you want?

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